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Your entertainment made for
what I have been hearing has been 
'our best event yet'!
I went into this year anticipating
it to be a challenge after [problems
with our] setting/show
last year, but I have to agree
with my co-workers, this was
the best yet (in the 10 years 
I've been doing this)!
I can't tell you how many people 
stopped me last night to praise you
Including [our CEO] himself. He 
was still shaking his head in disbelief 
as he was leaving"
-Christy D'Angelo
Human Resource Manager
Iron Mountains, LLC

"Absolutely amazing. I have 
worked with Matty many 
times with my entertainment 
company,  Jam On Sound 
Productions, and I would use 
him exclusively for magic and 
comedy. Hands down the 
best in the business!"
-Michael Kindlick
Jam On  Sound Productions

"It's always a good time when 
is performing... He gets 
the audience involved and 
everyone is enjoying his show."
-Jared Klinger
Pretzel Revolution & Creamery

"I have a picture of Matty 
and two other friends 
doing Abbey Road at 3am 
on Route 100 wearing 
nothing but a sock on their 
nether regions.
Known the kid since before 
Monica Lewinsky made 
cigars cool again.  I was in 
his wedding.  I'm biased, to 
say the least.
Can hardly ever get him 
to return a phone call 
because he's always performing 
or working to improve and 
perfect his act.
The man lives to entertain.  
Invite him to perform for 
you and you won't be sorry.
I'm so sure that I'll guarantee 
it.  You send me a detailed 
description of your 
inability to appreciate 
his craft and I'll cut you 
a check to cover his services 
for the night.
No, really."
-Travis T. Williams
Professional Poker Player
& Long Time Friend

"I met Matty in a non-
performance context, but 
the stuff he did perform... 
I couldn't tell if it was 
mentalism, illusion, and he 
always had another twist 
when I thought I knew what 
was coming." 
-Ray Cravetz

"Matty made my jaw actually 
DROP (I havephotos to 
prove it lol) Everyone needs 
a little magic in their life 
and Matty delivers.😃"

"Matty's skills and fun 
interaction with our 
customers - from 2 to 100 
years old - turned our 
generally slow Wednesday 
dinner service into one 
of our week's busiest. 
He turned sporadic customers 
into regulars."
-Aaron Klinger
Klinger's on Carsonia

"'Pure awesome' mind blowing 
    and leaving spectators second       guessing what is reality and 
what is fiction, amazing
 children and adults every 
time. A performance you will
 never regret watching"
-Jay Alex

"Saw Matty perform at several 
private parties, and every 
Wednesday at Klinger's on 
Carsonia.  He should be on 
the stage.  (next one leaves 
in 10 minutes)  No, I mean he 
could be on the stage in 
Las Vegas.  He really is that 
good.  I have no idea how he 
manages to pull off some of 
the slight of hand things 
he does, but he is the best 
I've ever seen, and I'll leave 
the jokes to him."
-Dennis Klinger

"Never have I experienced a 
Magician that was so 
captivating that guests from 5 
to 95 were completely enamored.  
Not a single cell phone surfaced 
for the entire show."
-Dan Fritsch
Audience Member & Client

"WOW! First of all when people 
say greatest show on earth, 
the words 'Matty Whipple' come 
to mind. I don't want to give 
away any of the magic that I 
experienced but when I left 
I felt as if I had a Divine 
light following me home. 
My body was warm and I felt 
as if I was glowing for a 
week straight. Me and my 
fiance are still talking 
about it to this day. You 
haven't truly lived until you 
experience the Matty 
Whipple experience.  Magic, 
comedy, love, action, and a 
whole lot of passion are just 
a few of the things you will 
experience here. Thank you 
so much, matty. You will always 
be a god among men to me. 
PS. I love you"
-Paul Kelly
Former Roommate &
Occasional Big Spoon

Matty Whipple
6 reviews

"Matty performed at West Chester Public Library's Literacy Links Invitational. He absolutely delighted all who saw his small group performances. Children shrieked in delight and their parents' mouths gaped in astonishment. [His] tricks were fantastic and his manner was completely charming. We hope he will return next year."
-Clare Q.
West Chester Public Library

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